Saturday, July 15, 2006

Santa's got a brand new bag


I just finished a marathon web site update. The Fall/Winter collection has now been posted to the website along with some groovy new designs from the designers in the gallery. The hardest part was sending out email notifications via Yahoo!Groups.

Jinkies! I can't believe how long it took. And the frustration was immense. I tried sending the email using their beta editor and when I went to preview the thing it was either gone or incomplete. I must have written that humble little message 10 times from scratch.

Here are a couple of the designs in color. I am so happy with this collection I could just burst. It was so fun doing it. I started designing this collection last year during the Fall. Usually I am about a season or two in front of where we are in the year. That means that I'm doing Valentine's day in the Fall and Christmas in the Summer.

During the Holidays it is really hard to buckle down and do anything. Last year I made myself design the collection while it was still going on and the designs came so much easier. It was really worth it. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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