Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sacramento Convention

Yesterday was the Sacramento Stamp Convention put on by A Stamp in the Hand. It was the first time I had ever gone and it was a treat. I love a convention. After I finally reached the convention after getting lost a couple of times I finally entered the doors and entered a magic stamping world. Magenta was there. Leavenworth Jackson, Yvonne Albritton, A Muse, and Memory Box, to name a few.

I love going to conventions I haven't been to because I tend to find stamp companies that I don't usually find at my LSS. And the companies are able to bring much more of their stock that our LSS are able to buy.

I was working at the American Art Stamp booth so I made my way over there. I've worked their booth a number of times and there are always fun and whimsical stamps that I MUST HAVE. Plus, they always have the greatest prices on ink. This show was no exception. They showed their newest Christmas and Fall Stick Chix stamps. And even though the weather outside (and inside) was over a hundred degrees, the stamps put ME in the Holiday spirit.

Magenta has come out with some really great puzzle stamp sets. These are stamps that can work together or by themselves. They are closely trimmed so that you can better judge placement and they are sold on cling cushion for easier storage and better pricing. I got 12 stamps for $16.00, plus an extra one as a goodie! This is a great alternative to the clear polymer stamps. And because the stamps are deeply-etched rubber they'll produce a sharp image and won't break down in a couple of years like polymer. Viva La Magenta!

Yvonne Albritton had packets of pre-flattened bottle caps and alphabets stamps and punches that perfectly fit the top of the cap. She also had brand-new chalk palettes in aluminum trays. Not only were the palettes quite stunning, but you got a lot of chalk in them.

A Muse and Memory Box were there, brought to convention by Stamp On Over, one of my LSS. I just love A Muse's cute, funny designs and Memory Box's witty take on the world. These companies are just too hip.

There was plenty more to be seen, and this convention was very HOT. Hot in both the stamping companies there and the weather. I am not exaggerating when I say that it was sweltering. At one point in time I was told it was 107 degrees. This was about 11:00 am. I am not sure how the locals do it. But, I'm hoping that I lost a couple of pounds.

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justjohanna said...

I seemed to have strategically missed the miserably hot weather by heading to Chicago. My husband called me on Saturday to tell me it was officially 112 in the town where we live. Though the thermometer in his car said 115. Zoiks!


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