Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jenn Muraoka

Meet Jenn Muraoka.

She brings a breath of fresh air to the Stamping world—straight from Hawaii. Her blog, Kiyomi Krafts is a whimsical mix of fun, instructional tutorials and wonderful card designs. Want to know how to do something? Check Jenn's blog. She's probably already explained how to do it.

So what makes Jenn tick? Enquiring minds want to know... (And check out some of her wonderful designs as you find out more about her.)

What's your favorite product?
My favorite product is, by far, ribbon. I love the texture ribbon adds to a card. I love the way ribbon can elevate an ordinary card into something spectacular. And I love the beautiful elegance of a satin ribbon. Absolutely Yummy!!!

What's your favorite stamping technique or tip?
I love to emboss, however, I never considered myself an embossing kind of gal. I was in embossing denial, so to speak, until just recently. So now I can admit freely that I LOVE to emboss. Did I mention I love to emboss!?

What got you into stamping?
I was always a crafty girl and loved to do anything that dealt with art. I had rubber stamps around me since I was in high school, but I did not get serious about stamping until February of this year. I remember surfing the internet when I came across a bubbly, amazingly talented stamper by the name of Kristina Werner. I can honestly say that my crafting life has never been the same since that day! =)
How long have you been stamping?
I have dabbled in stamping since I was in high school which was about 18 years ago. Serious stamping ~ just a little over 6 months.

6 MONTHS? Sheesh! She's scary good, no?

Want to see more of Jenn's designs? Check back next Wednesday.


atinyaddiction said...

I love your work. Fun, fun, fun.

Tracy said...

This is SO exciting! Jenn's work is SMOKIN' hot! I love her style. Thanks Alma for showcasing her talent with all of us.

gayle said...

Fantastic cards! Love Jenn's style!

toners said...

Wow!! Absolutely stunning creations!! Looking forward to seeing more!

jen del muro ( said...

WOW WOW WOW!! These are totally darling!!

Sharon in NE said...

Incredible talent!!! Love it all!!

Jennifer Muraoka said...

Mahalo, Alma, for the wonderful words. I mailed out the cards today plus one! Hugs, Jenn


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