Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why is it?

Why does is always seem that when you have to something, you want to do something else.

This week I've been getting and entering all my receipts and financials together so that I could do my taxes. Yessireee Bob. You heard me — Taxes. Last year's, in fact. But inbetween entering in the cost of cushion and internet costs I found myself doodling. Doodling some pretty good stuff.

This month I'm throwing my big sis a birthday tea. Since I missed the whole pre-wedding shower thing, I'm throwing her a little shindig so that she can pass around the photos and watch the video and the like. It'll be outside in the garden of a former bed and breakfast. And since we are California the weather will still be nice. I'm hoping for a breeze to ruffle the ribbons on the pinwheels that I plan for favors.

So while the numbers in my head are swirling around on paper I'm planning out the invitations. And I realized I have nothing suitable to stamp for the tea. So hence, the doodling. Some lovely things can come from not wanted to do things, I must say. What will I do next year? I've hired an accountant.


toners said...

LOL!!! And - yahoo for more new designs!! :)

Laura said...

Isn't that the way it is, I should be doing your challenge right now, but instead, I am blog hopping not getting any cards done:) Can't wait to see the doodles as stamps.


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