Friday, February 01, 2013

Noelle McAdams

I have been watching the Swanky Stampers over the years and one that constantly amazes me is Noelle McAdams. I've been admiring her work for it seems like ages! Her beautiful, whimsical style seems effortless and her paper choices and color choices are just, well, beyond description.

Here is what I mean. This wonderfully classic card has a very simple color scheme using our J*lly H*liday set, but Noelle's mixing of patterns and textures make this card drool-worthy.

From Classic to downright fun, Noelle loves color. And she uses it so well. Take this card using our Star Rosette, Holiday Toppers and Soar stamp set. I never would have thought about putting all these colors together, but Noelle does it beautifully.

But, it was this card that just did it for me. She used several of our CutUps, along with our one of our older stamp sets for this beauty. She did such a wonderful job, I may have to bring this set out of retirement. A jaw-dropper of a card. After seeing this card, I had to ask Noelle to join The Cat Pack. And, I'm so happy that she said "yes". 

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