Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sneaky Peek #4

It's Day #4 of Sneaky Peek Week and today I'm Sneaky Peeking a brand new set featuring Mister Penguin that is releasing on January 18. It's called "Got Love."

I don't know if you all realize it, but there are actually four, yes FOUR penguins running around in my tiny little brain.

We almost always see the Three Amigos, Larry, Darryl and the other brother Darryl. But occasionally we see one lone penguin. The big brother, if you will, who actually doesn't like to be part of the crowd. He's an original, he is. An individual. A Pepper. He does things his own way. He likes his margaritas, and he likes to celebrate. He loves his brothers, but in this set, he wants you to know that he is special, too.

And he thinks you are special. Gorgeous, even. He knows you can make some awfully gorgeous things with him. Just check out Leigh, Toni, Susan and Jen to see what you can do with this set.

Or you might just get a Sneaky Peek at another set, "Tweet Hearts" on their blogs. It's another ca-yute set by OuOu Illustrations that we are just tweet on. (yes, that's a pun)

But, don't forget to come back tomorrow. Not only are we Sneaky Peeking another set, but one of our dies, too!

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Brook said...

He's too cute!


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