Thursday, July 21, 2011

So Busy

We've been busy. I've been working on that tutorial you saw in my last post and filling orders and working on the new release stuff.

But The Cat Pack has been working on some serious eye candy for you. They are all over this Color Challenge.

I don't know how Leigh does it, but I swear that girl can just wave her hand over a pile of paper and it does whatever she wants it to do. Her card is so purty.

Then there is Jackie. The queen of the tilted panel. Let's face it this gal can design a card like no ones business. Her card is just amazing. I don't know where to start, so I'll leave it to you to truly enjoy it.

And Jen, she whips out a sweet little tag that are just magic. Her tags work on their own or on cards, by themselves or with other little pretties.

And the "pretty" butterfly didn't fly by Julie. Her sweet and lovely card is stunning. AND she tried out making a little rose from seam binding. Lovely. Have you tried making one, yet?

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