Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sneaky Peek #3

Welcome to Day Three of Sneaky Peak Week! It's the second day of Sneaky Peek Week and we are almost halfway through this week of peeks. We will be releasing 8 Clearly Swanky Sets and 4 NEW CutUps on Tuesday, March 29.

This is a Sneaky Peek from the set "Idols."

Can you figure out where my inspiration came from? Carole and Leigh and the gang, have been after me FOREVER to do a set based on American Idol, but (don't hate) I don't watch the show regularly. Oh, I click in every once in awhile, so I get the why the excitement. I do like when they do shows around specific artists, like Michael Jackson, Elvis and my FAVE, The Beatles. So this set was inspired by those shows.

And let me tell you, I had fun. I can't believe there are sooo many stamps in this set. And I know who else had fun with this set.

Check out Carole, Leigh, Jen, Amy and our Guest, Multi-Swanky Stamper winner, Jenny Peterson. Then check back in here, tomorrow, for another Sneaky Peek!


Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

I love this set! OMG....the little wigs are just brilliant!


Vickie Z said...

OMG.... Love the cards everyone made!!! The sentiments and images are wonderful!!! Those penguins rock!!!

Highland Monkey's said...

Looks a cute little dude!

Jennifer said...

Love this set, Alma! I don't watch the show either :)


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