Monday, November 14, 2011


Support your local stamp and scrapbook store, or pretty soon they might not be around. 

I just wrote the above line and wanted to add a little more to what I think is a pretty strong statement.

My local stamp store is about 40 miles and a couple of toll bridges away. (Toll is about $10 total) My local scrapbook store is about 20 miles and a bridge away ($5 in toll). My local Michael's is 10 miles away. 

Truthfully, I must admit that my heart goes a little pitter patter when I see a Michael's coupon. 40% off one item. (Lots of restrictions apply) And yes, my local Michael's is much closer. 

But instead of jumping in my car to head over to Michael's I make lists. Lists of stuff that can't be purchased at Michael's, but can only be found at my LSS &S. By not heading over to Michael's once or twice a week, I feel I actually save money in gas and "extras".

And when I make my twice monthly trek over to my LSS&S, I get what is on my lists. Along with other things that can't be purchased at any big box stores or even online: Knowledge. Companionship. And the excitement that comes along when someone else shares the same bit of madness I do. ('Cause let's face it, where else can I get a full on encyclopedia's worth of knowledge about the differences in ink?) Not at the big box stores.

Where can I get ideas and new techniques that the gals at the stamp store have just "discovered"? Where can I get classes to get my creative juices going?

And these stores aren't run by a big corporation, they are run by families and friends. They ARE what the TV calls "the local economy". And unlike so many big corporations, they spend their money in the US, keeping jobs in the US, just when we need them most.

I am so lucky to have places that can do all these things that big box stores can't do. So I'll happily keep making my lists and making my twice monthly treks because they are worth so much more than that Michael's 40% off one item coupon.


shawnte said...

great post. it's so true. michael's is so much closer to me than my local scrapbook store. but it's worth it to support small business. over the years two of my fav LSS have sadly closed. i don't want to loose the one i have left.
also those michael's coupons make my heart happy too :)

alma said...

My first LSS was instrumental in getting The Cat's Pajamas off the ground. And we had our kick off party there.

My LSS lets me have trunk shows there and are just like family. I can't imagine if they were gone.

Melissa Cash said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Alma! As someone who is fortunate to have a job working/teaching at a wonderful stamp/scrap store I was so happy to see your post today. We just celebrated our 16th anniversary and the store is going strong. Today we had women come in and work in our classroom just so they could spend time together and have plenty of space. You can't get that at the big box stores for sure! Hugs to you!

Amy Sheffer said...

Amen, sister!


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